The Global Risk Experts Leadership Team

Dr. Hanspeter Frei

President & CEO, Global Risk Experts AG. 11 years with Royal Dutch / Shell Group as a Petroleum Engineer. —20 years with Zurich Financial Services, including Global Head, Risk Engineering, managing a $200 mio service business with over 1,000 professional engineers and scientists in 34 countries. Download CV

Edward Sherman

Chief Operations Officer & Region Europe, Middle East & Africa. 12 years with Zurich Financial Services, including Director of the Environmental Unit. 8 years with Bombardier Corporate as Director, Risk Management & Insurance – Europe & Asia and Global Risk Engineering. Download CV

Thomas Gerlach

CEO Global Risk Experts Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd & Region Asia Pacific. —35+ years in various industries including automotive, nuclear power, aircraft  and insurance —17 years with Zurich Financial Services setting up Risk Engineering operations in 12 countries throughout Asia. Download CV

Dr. Friedhelm Lotz

Audit Practice Leader. 4 years with Roemmers, Buenos Aires, in chemical process optimization. —25 years with Roche including operational roles in Buenos Aires and Mexico, and later as Global Head of EHS Auditing & Risk Mgmt. Performed 450+ audits/evaluations worldwide and developed Roche's EHS Risk Inventory. Download CV

Bruno Zingg

Insurance Practice Leader. —6 years with Winterthur Insurance. —36 years with Zurich Financial Services including leadership roles within Zurich International. Principal architect in establishing Zurich as a leading provider of global programmes, and relationship manager for numerous leading global companies. Download CV

Walter Stuerm

Executive & ManPower Search Practice Leader. —5 years with UBS as an economist and team leader for economic and market studies, reporting to the Executive Board. —5 years as Senior Consultant and CEO of an executive search consultancy. —Since 1985 Owner & CEO of ECONAG, an in- and out-placement company in Zurich. Download CV