Our Services for the Broking Community

At Global Risk Experts, we understand that the insurance broker plays a critical role in guiding clients through the maze of coverage options, as well as providing direction on the best options for minimizing the total cost of risk.

We also recognize that risk transfer is only one component of a comprehensive risk management solution. Accordingly, an important point of distinction for a risk services partner is supporting clients in developing practical, cost-effective solutions for minimizing / mitigating those exposures where risk transfer isn’t possible or desired.

With our extensive know-how of numerous industry sectors and our specific on-the-ground experience with major international companies, Global Risk Experts is ideally positioned to serve as your risk engineering outsource solution.

We are particularly interested in working with:

  • International Broker Networks
  • Mid-sized brokers without local or global Risk Engineering capabilities

Our mutual cooperation and combined synergies create a win-win-win situation for this tripartite relationship between the client, broker and Global Risk Experts.

Global Risk Experts offers services in following areas: