Organizational / Procedural Risks

A resilient business is our common goal!

Maintaining business resilience, while minimizing the total cost of risk, requires much more than protecting physical assets. Global Risk Experts has deep expertise and capabilities to help companies identify potential vulnerabilities in their global supply chains. We can also provide guidance on opportunities for strengthening risk management processes and procedures.


Click on the links below for more details about the scope of our specific services for helping companies identify and assess the range of organizational and procedural risks they face:

  • Responsible care management
  • Emergency preparedness (all hazards)


For assignments related to supply chain continuity, outsourcing and competitive advantage / benchmarking, the deliverables will typically include a comprehensive report covering: 

  • comparative classification of the evaluated units according to magnitude and nature of the major business/reputational risks
  • concise management summaries for each unit and comparisons across relevant groups of units
  • graphic grading of essential aspects for each unit
  • structured conclusions and relevant findings per unit
  • preference ranking for selection (with graphs and explanations)
  • recommendations on the adequacy (Yes-No-Conditional) of potential partnerships
  • recommendations on tackling performance gaps for “conditional” units

For other assignments dealing with organizational and procedural risks the specific deliverables will be tailored to the scope of the assessment.