Competitive Advantage/Benchmarking Through EHSS Auditing

Properly identifying and addressing risks can help create competitive advantages within an industry. Specialized auditing and benchmarking of results with industry peers and within affiliates of a given corporation are important elements in this improvement process.

Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (EHSS) auditing/controlling within the framework of Corporate Governance and related policies, are important factors in raising EHSS levels, thus contributing to business resilience. 

Due to the vast industrial experience of Global Risk Experts, Clients can expect professional audits and assessments as well as a qualified judgement about the Risk Management performance ranking of the unit under scrutiny versus industry peers.

Global Risk Experts is also in an ideal position to support established internal EHSS Audit processes as required by Corporate Governance policies, contributing to improvement of the level of risk management within global companies, as follows:

  • by assuming the entire internal audit process for affiliates and joint ventures, as an external partner
  • by partnering with the client's audit team to cope with peak demands
  • by providing additional professional expertise in case in-depth scrutiny of specific issues is required
  • by validating existing auditing practices
  • by instructing prospective auditors
  • by training prospective internal EHSS auditors


EHSS audits can have either an external or internal focus. In the case of external audits, the scope focuses on comparative analyses against industry peers. For internally focused audits, the objective is to assess a particular operating units performance relative to established corporate EHSS standards and policies; comparisons across operating units can also be conducted.

In either case, these audits can provide specific insight into risk management related opportunities that, when properly addressed, could enhance the company's competitive position within the industry and/or bolster overall operating performance.


  • Audit reports following Global Risk Experts' format, customized in agreement with the client. 
  • Assessment report about the risk performance position of the company/operating unit compared to industry peers/other operating units.

    • concise management summaries 
    • graphic grading of essential aspects
    • structured conclusions
    • list of relevant findings 

  • Advice on performance goals to be achieved in order to reach the desired levels.
  • Assistance in the management of projects that may result as a consequence (upon request).

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