Due Diligence for M&A, Joint Ventures or Strategic Partnerships

When evaluating another company, whether as a potential acquisition, merger, joint venture or strategic partner, the target company’s documentation is usually displayed for a limited time at a neutral and confidential location for review by a small and select group of specialists (Marketing, Technical, R&D, Production, Logistics, Finance, Governance, EHSS, Quality, Law, Sales, Administration, as well as Insurance & Risk Management). 

Typically, these activities are run under tight time pressure and secrecy agreements, and with minimum involvement from the target company’s employees. Usually, specialized brokers manage the process and establish communication links between the parties. There is normally only a short time available to get visual impressions (site tour) and to ask relevant questions. 

The nature of the exercise (confidentiality, time constraints, lack of adequate interlocutors, limited documentation, etc.) requires highly experienced professionals who are able to perceive issues which are not immediately obvious and to create fast and sufficiently precise judgements for the decision makers.

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