Preparation for External Auditing

Global Risk Experts can help prepare your staff to audit the operations of contract manufacturing partners, critical goods/service providers, etc. 

Typically, such a service would be required by smaller affiliates lacking the professional expertise to evaluate technical and EHSS related risks at important local partners. Corporations may delegate to Global Risk Experts the task of preparing selected personnel of affiliates to perform routine audits at third party facilities like warehouses, transport companies, contract manufacturing sites, etc. The goal is to sharpen the ability of non-specialists to detect vulnerabilities and properly assess risks. The following scope description assumes a previous agreement with a Client to establish such a program for its affiliates. 


On-the-job training for selected, non-EHSS specialized personnel to provide practical elements for assessing relevant risks at the premises of suppliers and service providers. The following steps are typical in this process:

  • Selection of relevant companies to be audited 
  • Identification of relevant hazards and vulnerabilities at these companies that may result in business disruption, loss of reputation, etc.
  • Auditing these companies in teams with trainees
  • Discussion and evaluation of results, assessment of risks
  • Reporting


  • Comprehensive report written by the team
  • Discussion of new insights gained
  • Discussion of further needs
  • Report to Corporate Leadership after completing a series of 'Training Audits'