Construction Services / Plan Reviews for Fire Protection & Life Safety

Global Risk Experts offers plan review services for asset protection and life safety compliance, including means of egress and crowd movement during emergencies. 

Construction and Fire Protection System Plan Review

For new construction or major renovations, we can conduct a technical evaluation of the planned fire protection systems against recognized international standards.

These may include construction drawings, sprinkler system installation drawings, hydraulic calculations, fire or smoke detection system plans or technical specifications for other types of specialized fire protection installations. 

Fire Protection System Pump Testing

We test the pumping capacity and reliability of your fire protection system pump against the manufacturer's specifications and are also available to observe acceptance testing for new installations. 

Automatic Sprinkler System Evaluations

Our specialist engineers can evaluate the potential capacity of an automatic sprinkler system to effectively extinguish a fire considering the components of its construction, the occupancy of the building, the system configuration and the available water supply and pumping systems.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your specific needs.