Outsourcing of non-strategic Business activities

Global Risk Experts also is an ideal Partner for insurance companies who want to outsource non-strategic business activities such as:

  • Supporting Risk Service Units to balance peak risk assessment demand or if specific technical expertise is required for certain industry segments
  • Supporting Underwriting and Risk Service Units with desktop assessments or analysis of 3rd party reports
  • Cost-efficient Offshoring of Administrative Tasks like:

    • Handling of resource intensive activities in managing international Risk Engineering / Loss Control programs
    • Quality assurance tasks to ensure compliance with contractually agreed Service Instructions
    • Cnsistency of technical output content (e.g. reports)
    • Editorial proof-reading of documents and reports
    • Data entry in defined sytems or dealing with legacy system issues

  • Outsourcing the management of basic training modules on- and off-Campus

Please contact us for further details and to speak together about your specific needs.