Offshoring of Administrative Tasks

The following administrative tasks / activities can be offshored and processed in our Branch Office in Malaysia:

  1. Managing or supporting the management of large global Risk Engineering service programs, such as:
    - prepare service instructions
    - communicate the service instructions to all relevant parties and ensure
      content is understood and can be followed (obtain confirmation)
    - support or manage service set-up regarding site visits
    - manage due dates
    - handle/manage service costs
    - ensure results are in compliance with service instructions
    - manage correction of non-compliant reports
    - prepare Summary Reports based on agreed definitions
    - status follow-up on risk improvement advice
    - help with required translations

  2.  Risk assessment support
    provide general and specific information on customers, their products,
      locations etc. based on Internet research
    - provide any possible technical information prior to the visit (depending
      on requirement)
    - provide general and specific information regarding Natural Hazards
      based on site specifics exposures such as:
      1. earthquake (fault lines, history, etc.)
      2. flood  (flood plains, history, etc.)
      3. storm (exposure, history, etc.)

  3. Report Reviewing
    review all reports, in terms of correct language, correct grammar,
       completeness based on service instructions, compliance with service
       instructions, technical correctness of report content

  4.  Distribution of reports depending on customer request   
      1. electronic filing
      2. electronic distribution (based on most stringent IT security demands)
      3. print and distribute hard-copies 

  5. Information transfer into customer databases (if requested)