Selection of Critical Componenets Suppliers (CCS)


Comparative risk based evaluation of two or more potential providers of products, product components, machine/installation parts, etc. deemed critical for the company.

This typically includes:

  • Risk assessments of relevant practices, systems and installation for environmental protection, operational health, safety and security (EHSS).
  • Possible business critical liabilities that may lead to litigation or even facility closure.
  • Assessments of external risks (natural hazards, neighbourhood, social unrest, etc.) that may hamper their delivery capability.
  • Evaluation of the preparedness to handle expected and unexpected events that may disrupt their operations.
  • Compliance with EHSS and labour laws, ethical standards and special expectations of clients.


  • Comprehensive reports containing: 

    • Comparative classification of the evaluated units according to nature and criticality of their major business/reputational risks  
    • Concise management summaries for each unit and comparative for the group of units
    • Graphic grading of essential aspects for each unit
    • Structured conclusions and
    • List of relevant findings per unit

  • Preference ranking for selection (with graphs and explanations).
  • Recommendations on the adequacy (Y/N/Conditional) of potential partnerships.
  • Recommendations on addressing performance gaps for "conditional" units.

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