Welcome to Global Risk Experts

Global Risk Experts is an independent Swiss-based Risk Management service provider to all stakeholders along the Risk Management value chain. 

We are committed to providing independent, unbiased risk management and engineering services with the broadest reach available in terms of industry experience, lines-of-business and geographic coverage.

For Direct Industrial Clients Global Risk Experts helps protect balance sheets and reputations via a comprehensive suite of risk management services and tools to enhance the identification, understanding and management of risk.

For Insurers / Re-insurers we support the risk selection and pricing processes by providing unbiased, fact-based assessments for specific lines-of-business. And in the case of a major loss, Global Risk Experts can mobilize quickly to assist in business recovery.

For Brokers / Intermediaries  Global Risk Experts can cost-effectively deliver a range of technical support to your internationally operating clients – under our brand or yours.

We aim to bring our customers "the right person, in the right place, at the right time".