Post Loss Analyses & Business Recovery

Major losses can have myriad impacts beyond the specific financial impact associated with the event. Major losses can adversely impact a company's  share price, brand / reputation, customer / supplier relationships, competitive position, employee morale, etc. Given the array of challenges a company faces when it experiences a major loss, it is imperative that the response is fast and proactive, and serves to contain the range and severity of the impacts to the extent possible.

Global Risk Experts can quickly mobilize the specialized resources needed to support business recovery and post-loss analysis. We can help ensure business recovery is handled as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible, and capture valuable lessons learned for avoiding or mitigating potential future losses. 

Global Risk Experts can support post loss analysis and business recovery across a range of events including:

  • Property loss due to fire and/or machinery breakdown
  • Property loss due to natural hazards
  • Property loss due to pollution / environmental impacts
  • Business interruption following property damage
  • Business interruption following casualty events
  • Workplace & 3rd party health & safety


  • For Property losses: loss assessment of property damage caused by fire, machinery breakdown or natural catastrophes, and the respective consequential losses to all commercial / industrial property, including inventory.
  • For Casualty losses: loss assessment of business interruption and related consequential losses following casualty events (BICAS).
  • On-site service around the globe (excluding active war zones or where government travel restrictions are in effect).


A comprehensive Loss Analysis Report comprising:

  • details of the loss including history, extent, witnesses, etc.
  • cause(s) of the loss
  • estimated financial impact of the loss, direct as well as business interruption related
  • appraisal of pre-existing protection systems, and an assessment of their effectiveness in reducing the loss
  • cost-effective measures that should be considered to avoid or mitigate potential future losses

Note: In case of an immediate response site visit, loss figures will be prepared to allow for first reserve setting (PD / BI).


For Underwriting

  • Understanding the quality of risk after a loss.
  • Acceptance or rejection of risk (at renewal).
  • Pricing adjustment.
  • Tailoring reinsurance terms and conditions.
  • Portfolio protection and enhancement.
  • Cost savings due to outsourcing of risk engineering activities.

For Marketing / Sales

  • Supports active discussions with the Insured.
  • Practical, cost-effective risk improvement advice to support long-term relationships.

For Claims

  • Unbiased information can enable faster claims handling and decision making.
  • Provides a second professional opinion in addition to the one of the loss adjuster.
  • Speeds up the reserve setting process.
  • Supports legal actions – if required

Benefits for the Insured

  • Guidance on how to prevent recurrence.
  • Evidence of long-term commitment.
  • Ongoing support.