Partner Network

Global Risk Experts has a global network of Partner companies with whom we work to ensure that we can offer all of the specialized services and tools required to meet your local Risk Management and Compliance needs.

Kindly let us know your specific needs and we'll make available to you all of the elements of our experienced global network of risk professionals or you also may contact our regional collaborative Partners directly. 

Latin America

ATRILHO Consultoria em Riscos (ACR) is providing consulting expertise for large and complex companies in the area of Risk Management and Insurance.

We are proud that ACR is partnering with us to be our main contact for Clients in Brazil and Latin America.

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or contact directly


North America

Patriot Risk Consultants (PRC) is an independent Risk Consulting organization dedicated to creating a safe work environment protecting physical assets and the resilience of businesses.

We are proud to announce that PRC is our preferred partner for servicing our clients with operations in the US and Canada with local touch.

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Or contact directly Armand Fernandez, President of PRC